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Massage in Ahmedabad

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Massage in Ahmedabad is required by the people when they want to relax their body. Massage therapy has a wonderful effect on our tired as well as sore muscles. Depending on the type of pain and strain, the therapy is provided to rid the pain throughout the body. Mental stress keeps our body tired and people can’t feel so refreshed and relaxed. So in order to refresh the body from physical and mental pain, body massage therapy is required by most of the people. Many body massage centers in Ahmedabad are opened just to provide relaxation therapy to the people. The importance of getting massage has been increasing day by day as it helps in keeping our body fit just as like yoga.

FEMALE TO MALE FULL BODY MASSAGE in AHMEDABAD | The Atharva Spa - Near Real Paprika, Opposite City Fashion, Jawaharchowk Char Rasta, Maninagar, Ahmedabad 380008 | Hot Full Body Massage with Jacuzzi and steam.(B2B Massage) - Call Nisha - 9076161167 | CALL US. 100 % Body Relaxation with mind satisfaction. 23% OFF for Today

Dimple Wellness SPA - Opposite City Fashion, Ambawadi Circle, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 380006 | FULL BODY FEMALE TO MALE MASSAGE - AHMADABAD - Call Priya - 9619628583

Massage in Ahmadabad

ICONIC FAMILY SPA - We Provide FULL BODY MASSAGE FEMALE TO MALE with Jacuzzi and Steam - Vastrapur Ahmedabad. Call- Pooja 9076161167


Body Massage Therapy comes in the mind of the people when they thought about body relaxation. The most preferred type of relaxing the body is to get the Body Massage in Ahmadabad where the trained female professionals rub the muscles with their delicate touch in the direction of blood returning to the heart of an individual.

There are different types of body massage therapy provided at our massage centers which include Full Body Massage Therapy,Body to Body massage therapy, Female to Male body Massage therapy, Sensual Body Massage therapy, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Kerala Massage, Sports Massage and so on. These types of massage therapies are beneficial for relieving the different parts of the body such as Thai Massage usually focus on the lower portion of the body and Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the back portion of the body.

There are many benefits of getting a full body massage in Ahmedabad by the female professional or therapists. It helps in stabilizing the blood pressure of the human which maintains the health of High blood pressure people. It also helps in lowering the anxiety and physical and mental stress of the individual. It turns our depressed mood into a happy mood and helps in sleeping effectively. It relieves our body from pain and headache. The peaceful environment inside the massage center helps our body to unwind. Body to Body Massage in Ahmedabad provided by female professionals helps in encouraging better blood flow and creating sensual as well as erotic feelings.

Massage in Maninagar Ahmedabad | Massage in Satellite Ahmedabad | Massage in SG Highway Ahmedabad | Massage in Vastrapur Ahmedabad


  • Female to Male Massage in Ahmedabad with Jacuzzi and Steam

    Female to Male Massage in Ahmedabad with Jacuzzi and Steam

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) August 28, 2021 1500.00 Rs.

    Get the Female to Male massage therapy at our center with a lot of facilities. The therapy is given by the female which will help us in reducing the pain and stress from the whole body and gives the pleasure in their therapy through their delicate to...

  • Visit Body Massage Centers in Ahmedabad for Female to Male Massage

    Visit Body Massage Centers in Ahmedabad for Female to Male Massage

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) August 28, 2021 1450.00 Rs.

    Visit the Dimple Wellness Spa and enjoy female to male body massage in Ahmedabad. Our spa center is located near Ambawadi Circle and is one of the trusted and reputed massage center providing quality massage services. Massage in Ahmedabad | Body Mass...


Body Massage in Ahmedabad | Find Here Top Spa & Body Massage Parlours Near Me (2021 updated)

  • 9867147163 Best Body Massage Offers in Ahmedabad Book Appointment & Get Discounts

    9867147163 Best Body Massage Offers in Ahmedabad Book Appointment & Get Discounts

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) November 19, 2018 1500.00 Rs.

    We are here to provide best massage therapy at a reasonable cost. Our massage girls provide you a better massage service. Female to Male Massage in Ahmedabad have energetic and talented massage girls. We have a world class massage center that gives y...

  • 9594678979 Body Massage in Ahmedabad by Trained Massage Therapists at Affordable Price

    9594678979 Body Massage in Ahmedabad by Trained Massage Therapists at Affordable Price

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) November 3, 2018 1500.00 Rs.

    The massage rooms are enlightened with soft new music and dim lights that will help you to forget about just about every trouble of your daily life completely. The tranquil atmosphere designed Within the massage Parlour will give you the greatest sat...

  • 9867147163 Best Body Massage at Origin Wellness & Massage Center

    9867147163 Best Body Massage at Origin Wellness & Massage Center

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) October 30, 2018 1500.00 Rs.

    We are the top massage parlour in Ahmedabad, providing quality and reliable service to the customer, who comes our parlour in Ahmedabad. All our therapist are friendly in nature and professionally good that help you more and more regarding therapy an...

  • 9702938574 The Oceanic Day Spa & Massage Center provide unique massage therapy

    9702938574 The Oceanic Day Spa & Massage Center provide unique massage therapy

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) October 30, 2018 1500.00 Rs.

    It’s not a breaking news that massage has lot to offer when to comes to physical, psychological, and emotional health of a person. It offers enhanced blood circulation, better immunity, relief from anxiety, better sleeping pattern etc. if you want to...



    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) October 16, 2018 500.00 Rs.

    HELLO VIEWER, I m Providing home service for Body Massage. Its not just massage, this is all in one pain remover service. If u have some back pain, foot pain or knee pain, then u can take thai massage of acupressure massage. If u r suffering from dee...

  • Top Spa Centres Full Body Massage in Ahmedabad Price - Massage Parlours Ahmedabad Charges Details - INR (India) ( Jan 2022 - updated )

    Sr.No Massage Therapies Types 45-60 Min (Rates) 90-120 Min (Rates (15-20% Discount)
    1. Aromatherapy Massage 1600-1850 1999-2150
    2. Sandwich Massage 1500-1650 1799-2199
    3. Deep Tissue Massage 1799-2199 2250-3499
    4. Ayurvedic Massage 1000-1350 1550-2250
    5. Thai Massage 1650-2550 2999-4350
    6. Sports Massage 1499-1749 2150-2650
    7. Pregnancy Massage 1250-1650 2199-2499
    8. Shiatsu Massage 1100-1500 2150-2600
    9. Swedish Massage 1350-1700 2250-2800
    10. Reflexology Massage 1200-1350 2200-2750

    IMP Note: Massage Spa Near Me - The above Rates listed for your massage treatment are of approximate price. For precise charges for special treatment, please call the massage centres close to you. Stay Safe be Happy.

  • Massage Therapy for Female in Ahmedabad

    Massage Therapy for Female in Ahmedabad

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) September 10, 2018 700.00 Rs.

    If you are looking for FULL BODY MASSAGE OR BODY MASSAGE, then you are most welcome. we are offering all kind of massage and spa related services 1) Swedish Massage Therapy 2) Aromatherapy Massage. 3) Hot Stone Massage 4) Deep Tissue Massage 5) Shiat...

  • Lemon Massage Parlour

    Lemon Massage Parlour

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) September 2, 2018 1500.00 Rs.

    WELCOME TO LEMON MASSAGE PARLOUR Lemon Massage Parlour is one of the leading massage and spa service provider since 2014 Our Mission The Lemon Massage Parlour in Ahmedabad is to add value by providing the finest care and healing environment in the sp...

  • Full Male Body Massage Centre Chandranagar Ahmedabad 9724478400

    Full Male Body Massage Centre Chandranagar Ahmedabad 9724478400

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) August 10, 2018 2000.00 Rs.

    Our Full Male Body Massage Centre Chandranagar Ahmedabad is applicable to deliver dedicated service with the experts and we are happy to work at any time with the client to provide full massage service in a winning way.Call at 9724478400 to avail the...

  • Discount on Massage by Females Maninagar Ahmedabad 9724478400

    Discount on Massage by Females Maninagar Ahmedabad 9724478400

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) August 9, 2018 2000.00 Rs.

    Massage therapists are well versed in giving you the complete option and wide range of spa services along with soothing music played in the background. Make your time enjoyable with amazing more health benefits with 20% off on Massage by Females Mani...

  • Body Massage Services Thaltej Ahmedabad 9724478400

    Body Massage Services Thaltej Ahmedabad 9724478400

    Ahmedabad (Gujarat) August 8, 2018 2000.00 Rs.

    The males are nowadays looking for the body massage services to have delight experience when compare with others. This is delivering satisfactory results when booking at Body Massage Services Thaltej Ahmedabad anytime. Just call us at 9724478400 and ...


Body to Body Massage in Ahmedabad by Female Therapist

Sparing time in the schedule for individual care is rather hard. Following the thorough routine, all you will need is a change and also a moment of comfort. Many people opt to party in the evenings although others favor an outing with the family. There are quite a few means of reducing tension and receiving relaxation. Body massage is just one of the ways which aid in reducing tension and promoting relaxation. It's possible to find a spa or massage and rejuvenate yourself at the weekend. In Massage Spa India, we link you to over 50+ dependable and confirmed massage centers in Ahmadabad under one roof.

If you would like to obtain a massage or hot tub, you are able to fill out the above form specifying your needs. It's possible to talk about the mandatory services with all the massage providers in Ahmedabad and then pick the most appropriate one inside your budget.

Massage is very often Consider as a source of comfort. Consequently, what can go undetected is, massage also becoming an effective treatment for several body disorders. You can discover the many advantages you can enjoy by obtaining a massage in a nearby center. Worry not, for anxiety and stress resulting from your daily routine are extremely much normal. You're able to fight them by obtaining a massage to enhance your mood and relieve your anxiety levels.

Anxiety is not necessarily a by-product of your crowded daily schedule or employment responsibilities; it may also stem from union issues, loss of a job, or making arrangements to your union, too. Sometimes, opting to get a massage in Ahmedabad can help you unwind and be calm and collected, both on your activities and ideas.

  • Massage in Ahmedabad

Also, Refer here some Top Body Massage Parlours in Ahmedabad Gujarat. For pains and backaches particularly and trigger point release remedies, respectively, can provide you rapid relief. You might even embrace massage treatment when recovering from surgery along with a shoulder or muscular strain. Two or three massage treatment sessions/week, for as much as a month, may offer substantial relief and assist you to return to 100 percent. But you can visit some of the aforementioned centers without creating an appointment and get massaged shortly. The majority of these facilities operate until late in the day, which makes it suitable for you to go and get a massage once you complete work.

With the Support of Massage Spa India, you can locate the best massage centers which provide full body massage in Ahmedabad. In Reality, there are approximately 50+ massage centers from the Ahmedabad who will assist you in giving a fantastic massage. If you would like to unwind and feel better after a hectic workweek, then nothing can get a good massage. Get yourself a Fantastic masseuse who will ease your body perfect and cause you to feel fantastic.

In listed body massage parlors in Ahmedabad, our therapists have produced a relaxing oasis that will embrace all of your senses. This tranquil setting is immersed in the philosophy of attuning the entire individual into the rhythms and cycles of the planet. Here you will find spa and massage and therapeutic treatments, offering a yearlong menu of inspired therapies that provide transformation and renewal with each breath that you take.

List of Best Full Body Massage Parlours in Ahmedabad for Men & Women

Massage Spa India listed various Spa in Ahmedabad in order to help people who are looking for the best massage parlours in Ahmedabad. It is the best source to keep our body relaxed and unwind. We have many massage centres opened in Ambli, Lambha, Sanand, Aslali, CG Road, Adraj, Sola, Nikol, and Ambavadi. The people who are looking for a great massage and spa therapy in their nearby area can visit our online portal. We provide the list of top 100 massage centers list in Ahmedabad providing healthy massage therapy. It is the top portal which fulfills all your demand as well as needs.

Female to Male Body Massage in Ahmedabad is quite popular as most of the people are looking for that particular type of therapy. Nowadays people are looking to get the relaxation therapy from the hot lady experts which fulfills the desires of the individual. The delicate and sensitive touch of the female expert to the individual body creates pleasure and sensual type of feelings which is liked by the people. It serves the purpose as per the proverb-like the people want to kill two birds with the same stone. They get the relaxing therapy as well as get the sensual feelings from the same therapy.

Find Here the Best Body Massage Centers in Ahmedabad which provide the top class and excellent massage therapy to the individual. You can find the great spa our the Internet by typing the keyword “Massage in Ahmedabad” and then look for the website which provides great information along with the feedback of the customers.

After researching, one thing came into the mind of the people and i.e. Massage Spa India which provides detailed information about various massage and spa centers in Ahmedabad providing top class therapy to the individual. Get the Ayurvedic Massage, Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage in Ahmedabad by visiting our portal. Genuine and Reputed Spa Centers in Ahmedabad are listed which provides you with the great therapy service in order to relax your body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Massage Spa India (Jan 2022)

1. What are the types of Massage Therapies provided at the Massage Centres?

The experience massage centres are listed in Massage Spa India, which provides the top quality massage services. The massage therapies offered by the listed massage centres are

  • ♦ Swedish Massage
  • ♦ Thai Massage
  • ♦ Deep Tissue Massage
  • ♦ Hot Stone Massage
  • ♦ Balinese Massage
  • ♦ Ayurveda Massage

2. Do the Massage therapy charges vary, or it is same for all the centres?

The charges of massage therapy vary from one centre to another. There are many factors which cause fluctuation in the price of massage therapy. The massage treatment charges may vary due to location, spa ambience, therapists charges, and so on. You can contact the massage centre for the exact price.

3. Can I get the massage therapy from the Female Professional?

The Massage Centres listed in Massage Spa India let you choose the massage therapists of your choice. Both Male and Female Therapists are there, and you can select the therapist as per your comfort.

4. What are the timings of a Massage Therapy session?

Generally, Massage Therapy will be offered from 45 min to 60 min. But the therapy sessions get varied as per the centres. You can ask the massage centre about the timings of therapy sessions. Professionally, the massage therapy sessions will be of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. You can ask the massage therapist for extending the therapy session.

5. Can I get Massage Services at Home?

The Massage Parlors listed in Massage Spa India provides the body massage services at the centres. You can contact the massage centre and ask for the massage services at home. The price of massage therapy at the centre and home will be different.

6. How Massage Spa India helps in finding a reliable massage centre near me?

Massage Spa India is the reputed platform for listing the Massage Centre near you. We provide a list of trusted and verified massage centres near you. All the information regarding the massage centres will be provided to you free of cost. You can compare the massage centres based on price, reviews, services and then you can choose and contact the best massage centre near you.

Find Here Your Nearest Massage and Spa Centers :

Find here India's Top Most Websites Related to Body Massage and Spa Centers in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur. 100+ Best Spa and Massage Centers Contact Details Available with Price List. Visit this website & get more information. Total 2918 user Reviews on Spa Center of current year.
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